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Prospero’s Pen is a network of software and research professionals who make therapeutic games and applications. Our team members have experience with software design, development, research, game creation, usability, accessibility, and having fun. Like all great software, our work is focused on usability, enjoyment, and learning.

The physical shape of computers is changing rapidly.  These new gadgets create whole new categories of scenarios, users, and opportunities.  This new paradigm require an entirely different approach, and so we develop software for all platforms, including iOS, Android and Leap Motion.


We want to make games that improve lives. We take inspiration from Johan Huizinga, a Dutch historian who observed that “culture arises in and out of games”. Every game we play teaches us something, whether we like it or not.

If you have a child who has been menaced by bullies or involved in social conflict, working with them in a safe and fun environment will teach them how to deal with conflict. School counselors can utilize a game environment designed by people who know about working with the conflicts that your child will find along their path.  Within the context of games you can increase emotional IQ and assist development into balanced child and adult.

Gaming can be the starting point for self discovery.  With many of our digital games, we design to teach through a self-motivated decision process. This means that the player makes decisions that change the game in a seamless way–hopefully similar to real life. We look to facilitate learning within the context of the game and in accordance with the games needs and outcomes.


Accessible information is not only a right, but its development supports all of society. Our network includes people with print-disabilities and ASD, and we are particularly interested in partnerships and projects focused on seamlessness, connectivity, and predictability for all learning styles.


The biggest challenge with any therapy lies in tailoring it to an individual’s needs.  We develop our software with user and expert input from the very beginning, and as with all our products, our network incorporates a variety of perspectives into the testing and development process.

We create Orthopedic games that make the rehabilitative experience better and longer lasting. After an injury and surgery, most patients have insurance for only a limited number of physical therapy appointments. Our apps help them with their therapy between appointments.


Every piece of software ever made is a teaching tool.  Even if we are not making “learning software”, the app must be able to (at least) instruct the user about its features and adapt to different learning styles.

We have much experience with learning and research, and we know that is is critical to infuse our projects with the ability to both teach and learn from the user.  If the app is accessible, fun, and therapeutic, then it will teach as well.